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Pulse Bar S

Артикул: 1237000345

Ignite excitement and get the crowd pumping with the new PULSE BAR S™! The first in an innovative Pulse line of strobe lights, the Pulse Bar is a highly impactful strobe and visual effect bar that injects dynamism and spark into any performance! Measuring half a meter in length, the PULSE BAR S incorporates 480 1.5W RGB LEDs distributed across 20 zones along its perimeter. Additionally, it features a central strobe line equipped with 200 5W cool-white LEDs across 20 zones, complemented by 80 1.5W RGB LEDs arranged in 10 zones at its core.

Infuse your performance with intense, attention-grabbing moments of white or colored light that enhance the energy of the moment. Add impact with rhythmic flashes that synchronize with the music or craft special effects that make for a more visually stimulating experience. Ideal for direct view applications, zone control opens up for a myriad of design possibilities.
With fully variable color temperature adjustment (2,400K - 8,500K) and a virtual gel library, designers have immediate access to a diverse LED color array. The PULSE BAR S also includes a library of customizable RGB and CW strobe effects along with variable dimming modes and curves for quick programming.
Wrapped in a durable, fully IP65-rated housing, the PULSE BAR S is suitable for any environment, indoors or outdoors, and its marine grade coating adds additional protection for harsher environments- even coastal locations.
The fanless convection cooling of the PULSE BAR S guarantees silent operation, making it ideal for noise-sensitive environments. Designed for ultimate flexibility, an integrated accessory slot accommodates optional diffusion filters, ND filters and other optics.
The Pulse Bar S’s innovative housing allows for end-to-end interconnection and includes integrated L track for flexible mounting and positioning. Trunnions designed for attachment to the L track can be fixed at multiple points to optimize positioning around objects or obstacles.
Controlled via DMX/RDM, Art-Net, sACN, and KlingNet protocols, the PULSE BAR S also features proprietary Aria x2 wireless device management for simplified system setup and maintenance.
When the moment calls for high-impact bursts of light and visually striking effects, look no further. The Pulse Bar S delivers!



(480) 1.5W RGB LED's in 40 Zones
(200) 5W CW Strobe LED's in 40 Zones
(80) 1.5W RGB StrobeLine LED's in 20 Zones
Completely Fanless Cooling
Integrated L Track for Flexible Mounting
Unique End-to-End Interconnection System
Art-Net, sACN and KlingNet Support
IP65 Rated




(560) 1.5W RGB LEDs
(200) 5W CW Strobe LEDs
50,000 Hour Average LED Life*
*Lamp Life may vary depending on several factors including but not limited to:
Environmental Conditions, Power/Voltage, Usage Patterns (On-Off Cycling), Control and Dimming.




Total Lumen Output: TBD
Beam Angle: TBD
Field Angle: TBD





20 Zones of RGB Plate LEDs (10 x 2)
20 Zones of CW Strobe LEDs (10 x 2)
10 Zones of RGB StrobeLine LED's (10 x 1)
1- 20Hz Strobe Rate
Library of Customizable RGB and CW Strobe Effects
Variable Dimming Modes and Curves


RGB Color Array
Variable CCT 2,400K - 8,500K
Virtual Gel Swatch Book




9 DMX Channel Modes (3ch, 12ch, 24ch, 36ch, 52ch, 124ch, 79ch, 134ch, 110ch)
4 Button Control Panel, LED Display
Aria x2 Wireless Device Management
RDM (Remote Device Management)
IP65 5pin XLR DMX In/Out
IP65 RJ45 Ethernet In/Out (Art-Net, sACN, KlingNet)
IP65 Locking Power Cable In/Out




Length: 500 mm (19.69”)
Width: 105 mm (4.13”)
Horizontal Height: 206 mm (8.11”)
Weight: TBD




AC 100-240V - 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption TBD
Power Thru Capacity: @110V: TBD; @240V: TBD
-15°C to 45°C (5°F to 113°F)
BTU/hr (+/- 10%) TBD




IP65 Locking Power Cable
Fixture Interconnect Key




Current firmware can be found here (login required)